Support Staff Collective Agreement Grade D

The purpose of this provision is to put in place a mechanism to simplify the management and implementation of this collective agreement for schools and not to penalise the worker with regard to his rights under this contract. Currently, in the lower four levels of the salary scale, auxiliary workers receive the minimum wage of $17.70 per hour and ninety percent of teachers are paid under Living Wage support staff, including teachers, administrative staff, librarians, Kaiārahi i te Reo, therapists and technicians. 3.10.4 Until 27 January 2012, workers were entitled to a qualification allowance in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement for auxiliary workers in schools from 10 December 2009 to 31 March 2011, as if those provisions were included in that collective agreement. All full-time support staff are paid according to the downward pay scale. Work plans are defined by the college and may vary. 3.15.6 Any annualisation agreement between the worker and the employer is governed by: 3.11.2 The amount of the higher service allowance is 5% in addition to the employee`s existing salary (excluding allowances) for the period during which the worker performs the tasks and fulfils the responsibilities of the higher position. 3.7.1 After appointment, staff may be placed at any time within the corresponding upper and lower salary limits in the grade applicable to the post. . . .


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