Partnership And Cooperation Agreement Eu Vietnam

Promote understanding between people, among other things, through cooperation between think tanks, academics, business and the media, in the form of seminars, conferences, youth interactions and other activities. 1. The parties encourage and facilitate the action of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and cooperation between the professional organizations of the parties to promote trade and investment in areas of interest to both parties. 4. The parties agree that it is also the responsibility of the joint committee to ensure the smooth functioning of any sectoral agreement or sectoral protocol concluded or to conclude between the parties. 3. Both sides also agree to promote the implementation of higher education programmes such as the Erasmus Mundus programme and interpreter training programmes and to encourage EU and Vietnam educational institutions to cooperate in joint higher education and research programmes to promote academic cooperation and mobility. The APC strengthens sectoral cooperation in a wide range of policy areas, such as taxation, migration, health, environment, climate change, energy, education and culture, work, employment and social affairs, science and technology and transport. It also covers legal cooperation, money laundering and terrorist financing, organised crime and corruption, and covers areas of particular interest to Vietnam, such as cooperation in the areas of human rights and the rule of law, war delays and the prevention of natural disasters. 4. The contracting parties consider the International Criminal Court to be a progressive and independent institution acting in the direction of international peace and justice.

The parties agree to cooperate and consider the possibility of complying with the Rome Statute in order to strengthen the legal framework for preventing and punishing the most serious crimes of concern to the international community. The parties agree that dialogue and cooperation in this area would be beneficial. The parties agree to engage in a dialogue aimed at sharing information and experiences on their regulatory environment and strengthening cooperation to improve accounting, auditing, supervisory and regulatory systems in the banking, insurance and other financial sectors, including through capacity building programmes in areas of common interest.


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