How To Negotiate A Rent To Own Agreement

Although we love the house, it makes no sense to rent it only for the long term. On the one hand, the amount of rent they want, we could buy a house for less once we get our credit improved, and two, usually below rental rents increase, so those in their right mind would like to rent long term, knowing that they continue to pay ridiculous rent. And I don`t understand why the investor thinks it`s worth hanging on to the property for 25 years before selling, no matter what the awesome rate he`s received. I moved into a rent at home seven months ago, and what a disaster. I made all these mistakes! It`s an option to buy the house, and as it was an option, I rather mind as a rent. I would have hired an inspector if I had known. If I was going to buy, I would have brought in an inspector. I came and inspected myself. It is a three-bedroom bungalow house. It was closed for a year and a half before the real estate agent bought it. They repainted the entire first floor, put up new carpets and tiled the kitchen to make it look pretty good. The upper floor is also equipped with a carpet. It took a little work from what I could see, but these are not great things.

New heating system and windows. They hit this house cheaply, and someone came in and accepted it. An old 1 year old roof on the house, garage lane could be reused, but as I said, the most important things I saw we finished. A garage, not the best, but not the worst either — I`ve seen worse. Keller did not finish, but did not seem to have leaks, mold or anything else was clean. I signed the lease, I started a few tricks in and cleaning very well, as I`m OCD on a clean house. I noticed, in a tiny area upstairs, that they had not been encircled – it was in the closet and there was no lighting, a ton of mouse drops and urine on that old carpet. I called the ASASP guy and I said what kind of hacking you infested me in a mouse house? He said no, I was with the workers every day there are no mouse drops, so I sent a picture on his phone. My youngest daughter has asthma, she couldn`t breathe for the first two weeks, we had an air purifier for her room. I had to have her on the cuz meds that she had panic attacks at night, when she was going to bed, that she was going to stop breathing, it was so terrible.

I fired later in the year, so we used the heat, and I detonated part of the heating system where the filter was going — a ton of mouse. So it blows through our ventilation slots. I was sick, my daughter was sick. Then, in the 2nd month, I realize that the walls at the back of the house in the basement are just water and places. There`s such a bad basic problem. So I brought in a baumann, and we look up from the ceiling — where the sides and the ceiling meet — they just painted the walls to cover the subject.


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