Group Work Agreement

Allow at least 30 minutes to reach a group agreement. It should be noted that this is not a punishment, but a natural consequence for negative actions. It is important to note that these are similar actions that one would see in the staff if they did not work and produce well (except perhaps to call the mother – not sure if there is so much going on in the world of career). Establishing a group contract begins with a discussion among group members about each other`s strengths and weaknesses with respect to the project or task they are working on. When students do some kind of art project, it`s beneficial for everyone to know if someone likes to make art. If there is a video component, it is an opportunity for a student who has knowledge of video to let everyone else know. If the project involves public speaking and a student is afraid of public speeches, they would share it with members of their group during this part of the process. A strict protocol that students must follow ensures that everyone is heard and that no one leaves the conversation with the feeling that they are not being respected. As soon as all the malfunctions are revealed, I will try to find a way to bring the group together. I say something like, «It looks like you`re frustrated because he`s not working, and he`s frustrated because no one listens to his ideas. What do you think needs to be done to get this group back on track? For groups that collaborate over a long period of time, it may be worthwhile to take a little longer time to develop a longer-term group agreement. You can use a process like the following.

While it`s sometimes a bit frustrating to take so much time for a group chord, you`ll save that time later. As a result, your event will be much smoother. One of the best tools for students to be accountable and have a healthy collaborative culture is the group contract. At this meeting, I allow both parties to share their complaints and defenses, and I let the members of the group say their problems. I spend this time mainly listening, and often the conversation is this: I won`t use my headphones unless I`m working on a single task. Here too, the teacher should listen mainly during this part, as groups sometimes only need space to ventilate. It`s easy to want to step in and try to solve the problem, but conflict resolution is so much more successful if students point the way.


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