Cabinet Agreement And Transaction

(4) Income from transactions with non-residents (including income from the retail and wholesale sale of goods (labour, services) may be paid into the accounts of resident legal persons and resident subcontractors, without its own legal personality, with foreign credit institutions, if the total amount of the foreign exchange agreement for such transactions does not exceed the ceiling of freely available foreign currency and if that law does not does not exceed the registration requirement. Notification or complete a transactional certificate. The Secretary to the Cabinet shall establish and maintain a central register of natural resource agreements and other transactions that have been ratified in accordance with this Act. 15. Under civil employment contracts concluded by residents and non-residents, salaries and equivalent payments may be paid in both national and foreign currency, including payments: the Cabinet Secretary responsible for the transaction to be ratified may, in accordance with article 35 of the Constitution, grant a request that the agreement or part thereof not be made public for reasons of trade secrecy, national security or other considerations of public interest. 6. Cash that is deposited in resident accounts (deposits) with foreign credit institutions in accordance with Parts 3 and 4 of this Article shall be returned to Turkmenistan to carry out the foreign exchange transactions referred to in Article 28, Part III, of this Law and/or after offsetting the costs of transactions with non-residents. [sic] 4.


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